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The tradition of decorating houses with Christmas stockings dates back to the early 19th century. We hang them over the fireplace or by the bed hoping that Santa Claus will bring us gifts overnight. Most frequently, stockings are filled with candies, different types of fruit, coins and other goodies. This tradition is cherished not only by children but also by adults. More and more frequently, people buy stockings for pets as beloved cats or dogs are treated like family members.

What are the origins of the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings?

There are numerous legends discussing the roots of this tradition. Interestingly, all of them revolve around Santa Claus. It is said that Santa secretly wanted to help one of the poor families, so he threw a few gold bars into their house through the chimney and the gold fell into a sock that was drying over a fireplace. In the morning, the astonished family found a "gift" and that’s where the tradition of hanging stockings over the fireplace comes from. In Australia this custom has been cultivated for years. For many Australians, checking stockings in the morning is one of the most enjoyable Christmas memories.

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