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Unique, large, personalised Christmas baubles with hand-painted pictures

Are your children counting down the days till Christmas? Make sure that everyone gets in the Christmas spirit and has the most magical time during this holiday! House illuminated by hundreds of lights, the delicious smell of Christmas dishes, carefully wrapped presents… and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! This last element has become the most popular symbol of Christmas all over the world. Decorating it can become a longed-for event and a family ritual in which both adults and children can be included. It can bring plenty of joy along the way and tremendous satisfaction once it is finished. To make it even more enjoyable, enrich your collection of Christmas ornaments with some traditional, high-quality baubles from Artisan Ornaments!

Aussie Christmas decorations from Artisan Ornaments

Artisan Ornaments is an Australian business founded by three cousins, who were inspired by the family tradition of decorating baubles by hand. Today, even though the company has grown significantly, we still believe in the unparalleled value of handmade ornaments. The items available on our website and in our shops are 100% hand-crafted, including the pictures and the inscriptions. All our baubles are made of glass, using traditional techniques. There is no better way to evoke the Christmas spirit than by decorating your tree with these!

Baubles originated in the sixteenth century, in Germany and slowly gained recognition across the continent and, eventually, around the world. To provide our customers with top-quality ornaments, produced in accordance with the European bauble-making traditions, we offer products that were made in Poland – the world’s biggest producer of glass balls.

How are our large, hand-painted Christmas baubles made?

Everything starts with glass tubes being heated up until they are malleable. Then, they are mouth-blown until they obtain the desired size and shape and are left to cool off. Once their temperature drops back to normal, the inside of each bauble is silvered, which gives them a mirror-like effect. After the baubles get their base colours, artists can start painting their beautiful, one-of-a-kind pictures on these luxury Christmas decorations. Australia is the next stop on our ornaments’ journey – that is where they are personalised and handed to their new owners.


If you are looking for some original, eye-catching decorations for your Christmas tree, our large, hand-painted baubles are the perfect choice for you. You can choose from some classic Christmas themes, that include Santa Claus, snowmen, or baby Jesus, as well as the pictures of animals, such as a bear, a reindeer, a pony or even a dinosaur. We also offer some Australian-themed Christmas decorations that feature a koala bear. Everyone will surely be able to find something they like among our large hand-painted Christmas baubles. Australia may not have white Christmases, but we can still enjoy decorating our Christmas trees, while celebrating some of our local symbols.

Decorate your house with Artisan Ornaments

If you would like to see our items in person, you can do so by visiting one of our fifty-one locations. That way, you can take a closer look at our hand-painted baubles, compare their sizes, and have your questions answered by our qualified staff. If you are more of an online shopper, you can explore our products on our website and place your order at any time of day or night.

For all those who plan on getting a smaller Christmas tree, we also have a wide choice of medium and small personalised baubles. However, if your heart is set on one of our large baubles, you can buy it together with a display stand and put it anywhere in the house. It may also be a good choice if you plan on giving one of our unique baubles as a gift to someone. Be sure to add some bows and ribbons to your order so that your new ornaments look even more beautiful on a Christmas tree.