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Small, personalised Christmas baubles from Artisan Ornaments

As Christmas time is getting near, more and more wonderful decorations appear around the house. Hundreds of Christmas lights that can be spotted from afar and a wreath hanging on the front door are the first signs that a given house has already been taken over by the Christmas spirit. Inside we can also admire all sorts of elaborate decorations featuring angels, Santa Clause, elves, and reindeers as well as some local themes, like koalas and kangaroos. Finally, no family can truly celebrate Christmas without an object that is the very symbol of this holiday – the Christmas tree.

In order to properly emphasise the beauty of your tree, it is a good idea to get some high-quality ornaments. Our small Christmas baubles are perfect for petite trees and various self-made decorations. You can use them to create an extravagant wreath to be hung on the door or placed on the table. You can also make a terrific decoration for your table by putting some hemlock branches in a vase and decorating them with our small, handmade baubles, ribbons, and bows – thanks to the size of these baubles, you will not have to worry about them falling down or getting in the way during a meal. If you are looking for something a bit more original, try hanging a wooden frame on a wall and decorating it with our small Christmas baubles, lights, and ribbons. You can create your own little window to a Christmas wonderland!

Why should you choose our small personalised baubles?

Our small handmade baubles are 6 cm in diameter. As you can see, they are compact and charming. Small handmade baubles will perfectly decorate and accentuate a little Christmas tree. If you are a minimalist who doesn’t have enough space for a big tree, small baubles are an ideal choice for you. They will look great on a little Christmas tree in your child’s room - you can select from many available colors and patterns. Red, pink, white, blue… Anything you want! Our small Christmas baubles will also work great as gifts placed in Christmas stockings or as work-place and Kris Kringle gifts. Unique, handmade and personalised gifts that will exceed the expectations of your loved ones.

Subtle decorations perfect for bigger trees

Our personalised small Christmas baubles are perfect to decorate bigger trees as well. Everything is up to you and your preferences regarding Christmas tree decorations. You can combine these models with medium baubles and large baubles available in our range or go for small handmade decorations. Your Christmas tree will look much more proportionate if you mix these three types and hang them according to their size – the smaller they are, the higher they should go. They’ll look stunning if you match the colours to your lights and other ornaments. Check out our baubles and purchase your favourite styles in our online store or visit one of our many Artisan Ornaments kiosks around Australia!

Where to buy our small, personalised Christmas baubles in Australia?

Artisan Ornaments may be a traditional family business, but it does not mean our products are difficult to obtain. All of our unique decorations, including our small, handmade baubles, can be bought on-site in over fifty locations across Australia! Visit one of our kiosks and see which size and type is the right choice for you. Decide whether you would prefer a small bauble with a pattern or a hand-painted picture and have it personalised right away by one of our specially trained employees. The personalisation can say almost anything you want within a 24-character limit (which is, of course, higher for medium and large baubles). If none of our kiosks is on your way, you can always place an order through our website. We will personalise your new ornaments and make sure they are safely delivered to your house.