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Christmas baubles with your name Australia

Christmas is a time that is often associated with lavishness and splendour. We put on elegant clothes, we eat fancy food, we use our best china, and we decorate our houses with lots of Christmas lights and extravagant ornaments that are hung up on a Christmas tree. Everywhere you look there are elaborate wreaths, glowing reindeers, sparkling angels, and smiling Santas. Gold and silver prevail, shining magnificently in such objects.

If you are a minimalist who prefers simpler, less conspicuous decorations, you are bound to appreciate our medium, plain, personalised baubles. High-quality, unicoloured Christmas balls are a perfect way to subtly bring out the natural beauty of a Christmas tree. They may be plain in their form, but the inscription we add makes each of them unique and special. They will also go well with some fancier ornaments, if you decide to mix them.

Medium, plain, personalised Christmas baubles that go with every style

If you pay attention to the quality of your decorations, apart from the visual aspect, you will definitely be satisfied with the items offered by Artisan Ornaments. Our products are 100% hand-crafted in Poland – the biggest manufacturer of baubles in the world. Artisan Ornaments is an Australian, family-owned business that has been operating since 2008. Over the years, we have grown and, besides our online presence, are now available at over fifty locations across the country. Despite our rapid development and the rising number of orders, we still believe in the importance of tradition, quality, and customer satisfaction.

We offer baubles in three different sizes, in a number of colours, and with various finishes. Any fans of minimalistic style may also appreciate our clear baubles adorned with coloured feathers. For those who prefer more intricate ornaments, we have baubles with patterns or hand-painted pictures. There is also a choice of differently formed baubles – they come in the shape of a heart, various animals, and sports balls. Want to decorate more than just a Christmas tree? Check out our personalised Christmas stockings! Get one for every household member and fill it with a bunch of little presents or delicious Christmas candy.

Handmade, personalised Christmas baubles

Our Christmas baubles are all mouth-blown by professional bauble-makers. It requires special treatment in high temperatures and proper handling in order to give them the right shape and size. When the balls cool down, it is time for silvering and colouring. The use of a special solution with silver makes the base colour deeper and more intense. Once the frosty finish is added, our medium, plain, personalised Christmas baubles are ready to be sent to Australia.

All of our products can be viewed on our website. Browse through our baubles, read about their special qualities, and add the products you like to the cart. Specify what you would like us to write on your ornaments and in which colour. Our specially trained employees will add the inscriptions and make sure your medium, personalised Christmas baubles with names are safely delivered to your doorstep. If you are more comfortable shopping in a traditional brick and mortar shop – see the list of our locations, find the one closest to you, and return home tonight, carrying brand new baubles with your name. Don’t forget to buy some matching bows and ribbons to make your Christmas tree look even more beautiful!