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Sport-shaped, personalised baubles – exceptional ornaments for sport lovers

When asked about Christmas, most people associate it with cold, snow, Christmas trees, building snowmen, and having snowball fights – namely, with winter. It makes them think of cosy, warm clothes, drinking cocoa by the fireplace, and watching the snow fall. It was probably caused by the fact that this image is true for Europe and a large part of the United States of America. Europe is the birthplace of many Christmas traditions that people follow until this day. The custom of decorating a Christmas tree originated in the sixteenth century, in Germany. That is also where the very first bauble was made. Over time, both of these traditions spread to the rest of the continent and then to the USA. Once American culture became dominant, the image of Christmas that included snow, a Christmas tree decorated with beautiful baubles, and Santa Claus sitting in his sleigh pulled by reindeers came to be known all over the world.

When it comes to sports associated with Christmas, people usually mention skiing, ice skating, and sledding. But since Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere and Christmas is celebrated during summer, the popular disciplines are quite different here. Clear sky and high temperatures create perfect conditions to play soccer, basketball, or rugby. That is why we believe that our sport-shaped, personalised baubles will be greatly appreciated by sports fans in Australia.

Sport-shaped Christmas baubles from Artisan Ornaments

Our line of sport baubles includes ornaments in the shape of various balls, such as for football, tennis, or cricket. They are 8 centimetres in diameter, which means they will look terrific on big and standard-size trees. This exceptional ornament can be easily mixed with our small, medium, and large baubles to create a rich decoration for your Christmas tree.

Just as all our ornaments, these sport-shaped Christmas baubles can be personalised. We can add a name or any other message (of up to three words), so it can make a lovely present for any occasion. Any sports fan will surely appreciate this original, high-quality trinket, whether it is your dad, your husband, or a little girl who is crazy about tennis.

Remarkable products from Artisan Ornaments

All of our baubles are made in the birthplace of this wonderful tradition – Europe. Professional glassmakers and artists use their knowledge and skills in order to create these truly unique ornaments. Thanks to their experience, precision, and hard work we are able to provide our customers with these top-class products.

Artisan Ornaments is an Australian family business that believes in the value of traditional, handmade ornaments. We offer Christmas baubles in different sizes and styles, as well as Christmas stockings and accessories. We can add a text on all our ornaments to make it more personal and special for that one person that will receive it.