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Heart-shaped personalised baubles

Christmas is a truly special time of the year, when we become thankful for people around us and kinder to strangers. Various charity events and fundraisers are organised in order to help the less fortunate. We call and visit those we have not seen in a while: friends, relatives – especially our senior family members. This Christmas, make sure you show them your appreciation with a lovely treat that can be used and bring them joy year after year!

Our heart-shaped Christmas baubles are a great gift idea for your significant other or simply someone close to your heart – a dear friend or a relative. A distinct ornament with their name on it shows care and the thought given to the present. In fact, the text written on the bauble does not have to be a person’s name – it can be anything you want! It can mark a special occasion, like a wedding day, an anniversary, or a child’s very first Christmas.

Heart-shaped personalised baubles – from Australia with love

Artisan Ornaments is a family business that was founded in Australia back in 2008. Our Christmas baubles are 100% handmade, using traditional methods. They are imported from Poland – the world’s biggest producer of these glass ornaments. In recent years, many companies also began to sell baubles made of plastic, acryl, or Styrofoam. We believe, however, that none of them measure up to classic glass baubles. The way they look on a Christmas tree when illuminated by dozens of Christmas lights is beyond comparison.

Naturally, you can buy more than a heart-shaped bauble with your name in our shop! We also offer classic ball-shaped baubles in three different sizes. Among them, you will find plain or clear glass balls, balls with various patterns or with hand-painted pictures. There is a wide choice of base colours in each category. If you are still looking for something a bit different, you may be interested in our animal- or sport-shaped Christmas baubles. Of course – every one of them can be personalised!

On-site or online – the choice is yours!

Although made in Europe, our heart-shaped Christmas baubles are personalised in Australia. Choose the ones you like the most and wait till our employees add the inscription you ordered in one of our brick and mortar shops. Let our staff help you resolve any doubts you may have regarding the size, colour, or finish of the selected ornaments. Of course, you can also purchase our products online and have them safely delivered to your doorstep.