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Medium, personalised Christmas baubles with hand-painted pictures

Many refer to Christmas as the most magical time of the year. In Australia, it may lack the frost and snow, and the fire crackling in the chimney to keep away the winter cold, but it is still perceived as a season of joy, filled with merry gatherings, exchanging of presents, and delicious meals. Due to the summer break, it is the perfect occasion to include children or even older relatives in the process of decorating your house and Christmas tree. Our medium hand-painted Christmas baubles will make it even more fun for the youngest family members. A personalised bauble adorned with its owner’s favourite character or animal may easily become the most cherished Christmas ornament.

Traditional Christmas baubles with an Australian touch

The bauble is a traditional Christmas decoration that originated in Germany. It was first made in the sixteenth century and over time superseded some more traditional ornaments, such as apples, walnuts, and bonbons. At first, baubles were highly expensive trinkets, but due to mass production they soon became much more popular and accessible all around the world.

Our beautiful products are made in Poland, a country with well-established bauble-making traditions. Every single bauble available in our shop is a top-quality product, the result of a careful process honed over the years. First, glass tubes are heated until the material becomes malleable – it is then blown into and shaped into a ball (or other desired forms). Once the glass ball cools down, the silvering starts – the inside of the bauble is covered with a solution containing genuine silver. Thanks to this process, the bauble’s surface becomes mirror-like and its colours will become much deeper and much more intense. At this stage, the item is coloured and the desired finish is applied – the most popular choices here are matt, glossy, pearlescent, and transparent. Once the base is ready, it is time for a group of skilled artists to begin their work. A portion of baubles is decorated with hand-painted pictures. Original designs and meticulous brushwork produce these truly unique treasures that can be found in our shop.

Later on, we receive our medium hand-painted Christmas baubles in Australia. This is where every item is personalised and passed on to the new owner. Our Aussie Christmas decorations are carefully signed using durable glitter of the highest quality. Each bauble is handled by our employees with extra care and dedication in order to make sure that the final result is nothing short of perfection.

Premium-quality Australian themed Christmas decorations

Our hand-painted baubles include more than just universal themes like Santa Clause, snowman, Christmas tree, or popular animals. To specifically satisfy the needs of our local customers, we have also come up with some truly Australian designs that include kangaroos, koala bears, sharks and Santa drinking a beer. Ornaments like this are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in a truly Australian spirit. They may also prove to be an ideal gift for any friends or family members living in other countries.

Luxury christmas decorations Australia grew to love

If you are already busy with all the preparations before Christmas, you can purchase our products online and have them delivered by mail. The whole process is simple and extremely convenient. Just browse our website to find the items you fancy, add the text you would like us to include on your bauble, and place your order. If you are not a fan of online shopping, just visit one of our brick and mortar shops – there are over fifty locations to choose from! Visit this webpage to find the one closest to you. Take a closer look at our Christmas baubles and their colours and compare their sizes (our offer also includes small and large personalised baubles).