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High-quality, large, plain, personalised Christmas baubles

Christmas time is filled with various customs and traditions that remind us of who we are, help us achieve a sense of belonging, and bring generations together. We use all sorts of objects that function as symbols and carry special meanings. Their significance is passed on from father to son in stories, teachings, and works of culture. While some symbols have remained purely local, others have become known all over the world.

The symbols of Christmas

Probably the most popular symbol of this holiday, known all around the globe, is the Christmas tree. The tradition of decorating a tree goes way back as it was in fact established by pagans – only they used to hang the tip of a tree under the ceiling. The custom of putting up and decorating an entire tree dates back to the sixteenth-century Alsace from where it spread to Germany, the rest of Europe, and, eventually, to the entire world. The Christmas tree is a symbol of rebirth and life, and as such is associated by Christians with the birth of Jesus. Its green colour also symbolises hope.

Although Christmas bush, Christmas bellflower, ferns, and palm leaves are often used in Australia to embellish a house before the holidays, Christmas trees – be it live or artificial – have also become widely popular. Decorating a tree with the help of the youngest family members has become a tradition exercised by millions of Australians every year. It is a perfect way to make some lovely memories with your close ones!

Traditional Christmas decorations

One of the first things people put on their Christmas trees were candles. Candlelight was supposed to chase away the darkness and evil. Of course, keeping burning candles on a tree posed a serious fire hazard, so they were replaced as soon as an electric alternative was available. Today, our trees are safely illuminated by dozens of little lights that create a truly warm and cosy atmosphere. In Australia, it is also customary to put Christmas lights on one’s house.

Apart from candles, people used to adorn their Christmas trees with apples, walnuts, or candy. In the sixteenth century, however, Hans Greiner made the very first glass ball, which eventually changed the way we decorate our trees today. In the twentieth century, the mass production of baubles began as the ornaments were in high demand – first in Germany, then in America, and finally all over the world.

Large, personalised Christmas baubles with names from Artisan Ornaments

Today, this classic Christmas ornament is also well-known in Australia. On our website you will find high-class baubles that were hand-made in Poland, using traditional techniques. Glass tubes are first heated until they can be easily formed into shapes. Then, they are mouth-blown until they acquire the desired size and shape. Once their temperature gets back to normal, the inside of each ball is covered with a special solution containing silver. Thanks to this process, the base colour, that is then added, gains a deeper hue. Finally, the finish is added, and our large, plain, personalised Christmas baubles are ready to be shipped to Australia, where our employees will be able to add the inscriptions ordered by our customers.

Baubles with your name – made in Poland, personalised in Australia

Our products can be bought both online and in our brick and mortar shops. We already have over fifty locations where you can see our baubles, touch them, compare sizes, and have them personalised on the spot. However, if there are no shops in your area or you simply prefer to shop from home, you can always use our website. Choose the products you like, add them to cart, and place an order. Unique, personalised baubles with your text will then be sent to you by mail.

Our large personalised baubles are a perfect choice for king-size Christmas trees. If you are more interested in smaller ornaments, our offer includes medium and small personalised baubles as well. You can also buy bows, ribbons, and personalised Christmas stockings here.