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Medium, handmade baubles Australia

A Christmas atmosphere is created by a number of objects that we associate with this magical season and that put us in the mood for carolling, present hunting, and feasting. One of the most universal symbols of this holiday is of course the Christmas tree – beautifully decorated to please our eyes over the weeks. Make sure that your tree is truly unique by embellishing it with our beautiful, handmade Christmas baubles!


The medium baubles from Artisan Ornaments will be the perfect choice for a standard-size Christmas tree at your house. Our offer includes medium, personalised Christmas baubles decorated with a pattern or a hand-painted picture, look inside and plain baubles. It does not matter which theme you choose for your tree – whether it is classic, Christmassy red, snow-white, extravagant gold, or cheerful, multicoloured. We offer a full range of colours that will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Types of medium baubles on offer

The most basic category includes plain baubles – the perfect option for minimalists who like to keep it simple and just accentuate the natural beauty of their trees. Our wide selection of colours offers a great deal of possibilities, whether you go for a uni- or multi-coloured theme. Then there are baubles with various patterns, such as stars, snowflakes, and icicles. They are painted with glitter, which sparkles wonderfully when illuminated by Christmas lights. The third option are baubles hand-painted by artists skilled at decorating Christmas balls. The pictures depict some Christmas classics, such as a snowman, a reindeer, or Santa Clause, some well-known animals, such as cats, dogs, or bears, but also some typically Australian creatures, like kangaroos and koalas. Finally, probably our most unique type of Christmas baubles – a clear bauble with a feather in a colour of your choice inside. A transparent ball bears a strong resemblance to a delicate bubble floating in the air. Together with the lightness of a feather, it creates the most subtle and delightful Christmas ornament.

Artisan Ornaments’ medium, personalised Christmas baubles – Australia’s favourite!

Every medium bauble we have on offer can be signed using high-quality, durable glitter. The text can include a name, wishes, an important event or date – it can be anything you want (within the three-word limit). Give it to a friend or a relative as a gift or commemorate a special occasion, such as an engagement, a wedding, or a child’s first Christmas. Get a personalised bauble for every household member and make decorating a Christmas tree all the more special for it.

Why should you buy baubles at Artisan Ornaments?

Artisan Ornaments is a company that values traditions. We have been personalising Christmas baubles for many years. Our products are handmade in Poland and can be personalised with names of your loved ones which gives them a truly unique touch. Buying our personalised medium baubles means receiving top quality products and unique patterns that can’t be found in any other store - not only in Australia but world-wide. Make your Christmas tree stand out from the crowd!

Medium Christmas baubles - buy them online!

One of the greatest advantages of Artisan Ornaments is the possibility of buying our baubles online. In our online store you can browse all available patterns and have them personalised to your unique requirements. However, if you would like to touch and see our items before buying them, you can visit one of our 50+ physical locations in Australia and experience the unique and detailed craftsmanship of our products. One-of-a-kind, hand painted medium baubles are everything you need to make your Christmas tree look perfect! They will also be an ideal Christmas gift for your beloved ones. In our store you can find exceptional Christmas tree ribbons that may be used as ornament hangers. However, if you prefer more sizable ornaments, check out large baubles available on our offer! Those who do not have that much free space and need decorations for a small Christmas tree will also be able to find something suitable among our small personalised Christmas baubles. Christmas stockings, bows and ribbons, large, small, and medium personalised Christmas baubles – online shop by Artisan Ornaments has it all!