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First-class large, personalised Christmas baubles

Every year, each of us has a long list of chores and errands to be completed before Christmas. The house needs to be thoroughly cleaned up so that it is ready for visits from friends and family. Presents must be bought, neatly packed, and placed under the tree where they will wait for their new owners. Food must be chopped, fried, stewed, and baked so that everybody can enjoy delicious Christmas dishes and desserts. Finally, the house and the Christmas tree need to be decorated with a ton of Christmas lights and dozens of dazzling ornaments.

For many, decorating the tree has become a longed-for Christmas ritual. It is a great opportunity to gather the whole family together and experience the holiday spirit. It is also particularly entertaining for children. They gladly help their parents with this task, largely thanks to elaborate, colourful ornaments. Nowaday, consumers can choose from tons of different decorations made of glass, plastic, Styrofoam, acrylic, or wood to name a few. They come in various colours and styles so that everyone can find something to match their interiors. If you are a fan of traditional glass baubles, visit Artisan Ornaments!

Decorate your Christmas tree with our products!

Large Christmas baubles available at Artisan Ornaments are 10cm in diameter. They are perfect for big and medium trees as small ones decorated with these models may look a bit cluttered. Thanks to the exceptional care and attention to detail, our products will perfectly decorate your Christmas tree. In our store you can find plain baubles (in various colour versions) and decorations with images of Christmas trees with gifts, reindeers, snowmen, stunning scenes and many other outstanding designs. Each of them is unique and will certainly make your tree stand out from the crowd.

How are our baubles made?

Our large, personalised Christmas baubles are 100% handmade and are imported to Australia from Poland – a country well-known for manufacturing high-class glass ornaments. It all starts with glass tubes which are heated up until the material can be easily formed. The tubes are then mouth-blown until they reach the desired size and shape. Next, the balls need to cool down so that they can undergo silvering – the process of covering the inside of a bauble with a solution containing silver. That way, the baubles will have a deeper hue. When the balls are given their base colour and finish, it is time for the artists to decorate some of them with elegant patterns and gorgeous pictures. It requires great accuracy and skill, but the final result is astounding. Since the baubles are decorated manually, no two are the same.

Get your traditional, handmade Christmas baubles today

When ready, our large handmade baubles are shipped to our shops in Australia. That is where our employees add the inscriptions specified by the customers. All of our products, including large, personalised Christmas baubles, can be purchased in over fifty brick and mortar shops across the country or in our online shop. Visit one of our kiosks, learn more about our remarkable products, and get your large, personalised Christmas bauble today!

If you prefer a simple design when it comes to your ornaments, check our large, plain baubles and large baubles with patterns. These classic, quality baubles will subtly accentuate the natural beauty of your Christmas tree. If you prefer rich, lively ornaments, choose our large baubles with hand-painted pictures. Of course, you can also mix them all and create a decoration that is uniquely yours.

Large personalised baubles - tailor them to your needs!

Thanks to personalisation, you can easily tailor our large baubles to your needs. If you want, you can decorate them with a short inscription or names of your beloved ones. This way, your Christmas tree will be more personal and unique. Moreover, you will show your family and friends how much they mean to you. Our personalised large handmade baubles can be also hung on a special display stand to decorate your table or mantle. Such an ornament with a stand is a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. Check out our small baubles and medium baubles! You can combine different models according to your own preferences. All of our baubles are hand made in Poland - we are passionate professionals with years of experience! Choose our products and see their unbelievable quality!