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Animal-shaped Christmas baubles from Artisan Ornaments

Christmas is a time filled with joy and a special charm that is particularly enchanting for children. The smell of Christmas cookies spreading around the house; the growing anticipation before Christmas Day; waiting for Santa and all the wonderful presents left beneath the tree… All that, together with the glimmering and shining of Christmas lights and beautifully decorated Christmas trees, creates a truly magical, fairy-tale atmosphere.

If you want to engage your youngsters in decorating the house before Christmas and make it all the more enjoyable for them, explore our line of animal-shaped, personalised baubles. These cute ornaments are bound to create a cheerful mood and bring a smile to a child’s face. Once your child picks their favourite animal, we can add the child’s name and create an ornament that is uniquely theirs. Hanging it on a tree every year may soon become another longed-for Christmas ritual at your house!

Buy premium-quality baubles

Our animal-shaped, personalised baubles are imported to Australia from Poland, where they are carefully manufactured by a team of experienced glassmakers and artists. They are 100% handmade which guarantees top-quality products without any defects or imperfections. Our animal-shaped ornaments may be displayed together with our small, medium, or large Christmas balls. A wide choice of colours offers a whole gamut of possible compositions, from classic red and gold to a colourful miscellany. We also recommend using our bows and ribbons to achieve a more astonishing effect.

Each of our baubles can be adorned with a name, a date, a special occasion, or any other message. The inscription is added by our skilled employees who use first class materials for high durability. The possibility of customisation makes it a terrific gift idea to celebrate someone’s birthday or a newborn’s first Christmas. Since our baubles are handmade, no two are identical. Each of them is slightly different, each of them unique.

Christmas decorations from an Aussie company

Artisan Ornaments is an Australian family business that values high quality and traditional methods when it comes to bauble-making. After years of active development, our products are available at over fifty locations across the country and through our online shop. Would you like to see our products before buying them? Find our nearest kiosk on the map and learn more about our extraordinary ornaments from our staff.