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Small, personalised baubles with pattern Australia

Christmas is an exceptional time that is full of various customs, rituals, and symbols that remind us of our history, our ancestors, and past experiences. As it occurs at the end of the year, it can be a period of contemplation and self-reflection, but for the most part, it revolves around merry social gatherings and celebrations with friends and family. Each household has its own special traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. They may be connected with the food and the way it is prepared for the occasion, with Christmas decorations, or with presents. The most important point, however, is that such activities are carried out together; they allow family members to spend this time with each other and bond.

To make sure that your house is filled with Christmas spirit and encourages jolly social gatherings, opt for ornaments that were created using traditional techniques and can also be personalised. Our small, handmade baubles with patterns are an essential Christmas ornament that can be hung on a tree or used for all kinds of DIY decorations. Engage the youngest family members in Christmas preparations and make your own wreath or garland – small, personalised baubles with patterns from Artisan Ornaments have a perfect size for that! They catch the eye but do not weigh down the branches. You can add some bows and ribbons as well to give it a more refined look.

Creating unique compositions with Artisan Ornaments

These small, personalised baubles with names are available in a number of most popular colours and are adorned with snowflakes, icicles, and shooting stars. Including someone’s name adds a personal touch and shows the thought given to the decoration, which also makes it a terrific gift idea. The text can refer to a special occasion as well – it can say anything you want within the specified word limit (maximum of two words, twelve characters each).


Our small baubles with patterns can be easily matched with our plain baubles or baubles with hand-painted pictures in any size. Combining our small, medium, and large baubles will allow you to create a full, rich composition. These small ornaments will also look great when mixed with our special animal-, heart-, or ball-shaped baubles. They are an excellent choice for a small Christmas tree in your child’s room.

The exceptional quality behind Artisan Ornaments products

Our unique baubles are made in Poland – the world’s number one manufacturer of these glass ornaments – by highly experienced professionals. They are handmade at every step of the production process – when heated up and mouth-blown, shaped and cooled, silvered, coloured, and decorated. Thanks to this, we can be sure that every single one of our products meets our quality standards. Finally, each bauble is personalised by one of our lovely team members in Australia.


Artisan Ornaments is a family-owned business that has already been present on the market for fifteen years. Our small, personalised baubles with pattern can be bought in over fifty locations across Australia and through our online shop. Do you like to shop at night or take your time before you make a purchase? Place your order through our website anytime you want! Do you prefer to take a closer look at a product before you buy it? Find our nearest shop HERE and check the outstanding quality of our ornaments in person.