What to put in Christmas Stockings? 9 Ideas for Men, Women, and Babies - Artisan Ornaments

What to put in Christmas Stockings? 9 Ideas for Men, Women, and Babies - Artisan Ornaments

24th Aug 2020

Christmas stockings are such a fun way get the entire family involved and all excited for the Holiday season, aren’t they? In fact, for the little ones in particular, they’re the highlight of the season!

While Christmas stocking gifts or ‘stocking fillers’ are often more economical than standard Christmas gifts, there’s no need to hold yourself back this year. Buy your loved ones what they’ve been yearning for all year, whether it’s something unique, funny or sentimental.

So if you’re wondering about what to put in Christmas stockings, here are several ideas on Christmas stockings and what to put in them for men and women, as well as babies and toddlers:

Up first – Babies and Toddlers!

Irrespective of our age, discovering interesting presents in your Christmas stockings in the morning is exciting and almost never gets old! All the more reason to spoil the babies and toddlers in your family then:

Bath Toys

When people search online for ‘what to put in Christmas stockings for toddlers’ or ‘what to put in baby's first Christmas stocking’, the list of recommendations often includes bath toys.

Bath time for babies is not just fun for the little one, but also a time when you can play and bond with your baby. Baths are especially a full-fledged adventure for little ones when they have cut little toys to splash around and make some noise with.

Keep in mind though that your baby’s bath toys shouldn’t be large enough that they have difficulty grabbing them, neither should they contain any small parts that could accidentally be swallowed. For toddlers, we would especially recommend toys where they can interact with the water in fun ways such as those used for pouring and filling.

Baby and Toddler Toy Dishes

As more time passes, your little one will learn how to munch on solid food, which is why toy plates, utensils and spoons are a good way to get them into the habit. In fact, plates and plastic cutlery sets featuring their favourite cartoon characters will make mealtime all the more fun and even encourage your little ones to start eating themselves.


Pacifiers aren’t just something babies suck on to pass time and soothe themselves – they can relieve pain and have been associated with lower SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) rates. Keep your toddler secure and relaxed by teaching them how to instinctively self-soothe.

For Men

While it can be difficult to decide what to put in a guy’s stocking for Christmas, whether it’s your spouse or your best mate, these ideas will certainly help you narrow it down to a few tasteful choices:

Exotic Bitters Mini Set

Nothing pleases a man like a tingle to the taste buds with a set of 0.5oz bottles of exotic biters. They’re available in flavours ranging from chocolate and lavender to grapefruit and cardamom and often come in an elegant packaging that reminds one of a timeless era which existed over a 100 years ago.

Your man or mate will certainly appreciate these bitters as they make for great digestives and cocktail flavourings.

Solar Charger

Imagine the look of glee on his face as he sees a mini solar-powered battery charger sitting in the Christmas stocking waiting to be opened.

These little contraptions have proven to be very useful and can charge all kinds of USB-powered gadgets including MP3 players, smartphones, cameras and much more.

Face Wash/Cleanser

Want him to stop secretly using your face cleaner? Buy him a nice, refreshing facial wash!

For Women

It’s hard to judge whether your wife, friend or relative will appreciate your gift because who knows what to put in a woman’s Christmas stocking, right? Luckily – we do!

Body Scrub

Show her how much you care by getting a body scrub that’s loaded with essential oils. Don’t be surprised if she outshines the Christmas tree for the rest of the season.

Name Necklace

Cute name necklaces rarely go out of fashion, so go down to your local jeweller or order one online for your beloved.

Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Spilled nail polish will be a thing of the past with this one, as she can now just slip it on her ring finger so that her nail polish bottle stays upright while she finishes the job!