How to store Christmas Decorations - 7 Tips - Artisan Ornaments

How to store Christmas Decorations - 7 Tips - Artisan Ornaments

1st Oct 2020

Christmas decorations are one of the best things about getting ready for the festive season – however, the irregular shapes and fragility of some of the items present a unique challenge: storing them safely until next year!

How to store Christmas Decorations – tips specific to each item

Here are 7 tips you can try right now in case you’re wondering how to store Christmas decorations:


Glittery orbs, baubles and other similarly shaped ornaments require extra protection which means you’ll need boxes with compartments.

Boxes which are heavily divided and designed to store wine bottles actually work quite well, although you can buy ornament organisers at an online crafts store if need be.

Carefully wrap each ornament in tissue paper and snugly fit it inside a single compartment. If any one of your ornaments happens to be smaller than the compartment, pad it with a few pieces of bubble wrap so that it doesn’t get damaged in case the storage box needs to be moved around.

When you’re done packing, be sure to tape a list outside the box so you’ll know where all the ornaments for next year are.

Christmas wreaths

If your wreath is made from pine or faux fir, then you can easily store it in hat boxes or even hang it up in the back of your closet, attic or basement. A large hat box, for instance, can quite easily store several wreaths.

But if you’re the type who just prefers to hang your Christmas wreath to preserve that genuine shape, then attach each wreath to a wire hanger using twist ties or florist’s wire. Cover both in plastic and you can use trash bags or dry-cleaner bags for this purpose.

Faux fir garlands

When it’s time to take your fir garland down from the doorway, banister or mantel for the first time, drape it over your arm very gently as we don’t want it to get tangled. Place it in a transparent plastic tub – fitting it in a way so that it coils nicely inside the tub.

It’s quite likely that you have additional adornments that go with your garland – you’d want to wrap those in tissue paper and store in the middle of the tub. It’s good practice to place a piece of paper near the top of the container so that you’ll know where the garland goes, when it’s time to pull it out next year.

Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights can be tucked away in many ways so that they remain untangled for future use. As you’re taking them down, be sure to wrap them around your arm so that they remain untangled. This is an important step to follow before you store them in a plastic container.

Use a wire or clips to help them maintain their circular shape so that they remain neat and organised for next year.

Holiday candles

The best place to keep holiday candles safe is a cool place such as the fridge as this helps them last longer the next time you use them. If this is not a viable option, then wrap those candles in cellophane as this prevents them from transferring colour or melting into each other, should they get warm.

Never use waxed paper or plastic wrap because these materials can easily melt onto the candles, particularly if they are stored in a warm and humid area.

Holiday dishes

Even though many people prefer to store their favourite holiday dishes in the dining room cabinet, if you’re looking for an alternative place, then they can be safely stored in a box.

Find a cardboard box and line it with some newspaper and bubble wrap. Stack each plate with a piece of bubble wrap between them. Then stack each plate with a piece of bubble wrap between them. The gaps can be filled with crumpled newspaper – this ensures that the plates won’t be clanking around when the box is moved.

Side table decorations

Since these are light and delicate, you’d want to wrap them in multiple layers of tissue paper. Put them on their sides and tuck away in a plastic container. As before, fill any leftover space with crumpled up newspaper.

Time to get to work now that you know how to store Christmas decorations