How to make Handmade Christmas Cards - Top 5 Ideas

How to make Handmade Christmas Cards - Top 5 Ideas

24th Nov 2021

This holiday season, let your creativity run wild, engage in a fun activity with your loved ones, or even get everybody to join in on a rainy Sunday without ever setting foot outside – by coming up with some fun Christmas card ideas DIY style!

It’s time to let your imagination run out of control and play around with paper, cord, bow, wool, paint, glitter or any reused materials you can get your festive hands on. This is the perfect time to come up with a few sweet handmade Christmas cards at home, leaving your friends and family’s mouths wide open as they admire your handiwork.

Ready for some awesome Christmas cards ideas? Let’s get to it then!

Top 5 ideas for Australian Christmas cards handmade at home

1. Origami tree card

This really chic-looking DIY Christmas card should vow recipients of all ages, thanks to a basic folding technique.

To make the handmade Christmas card, simply cut white paper into 10 three-inch squares. Then cut some gold paper into a small triangle. Diagonally fold the squares in half, making sure to touch opposite corners. Then fold the squares in half again, touching the corners in order to form a neat triangle. Attach each triangle onto your Australian Christmas card using glue and voila! You have now created a nice tree shape.

Something to consider: ensure that the fold is in the middle, so that your card has a cool 3D effect. Glue the gold triangle onto the top of the tree.

2. Tree ribbon card

Did you know that you can make handmade Christmas cards using only some leftover ribbon and some expert moves with a crafts knife? It’s really simple and you can easily come up with beautiful and colourful-looking Christmas cards this way.

Start with two cardstock pieces – the first one should be cut 3x5”, and the second one 5x6”. Now grab a pencil and ruler, make marks which are as wide as the triangle-shaped ribbons on the right half of your Christmas card. Using a crafts knife, make slits where marked. Now thread the ribbon gently through the slits and tape the ends down on the back. Finally, tape the 3x5” cardstock inside the card flap to conceal the ribbon ends.

3. Christmas card with “HO”

It can be super-easy to make your own Australian Christmas cards when you know how. You can certainly spread the season’s love and greetings by showing off your sewing skills through a simple yet chic handmade Christmas card.

To make this unique Christmas card, take some decorative paper, cut it to the same size as your store-bought card and affix using spray glue. Now affix the letter stickers to your Australian Christmas card. Finally, create a shadow by embroidering around the “HO” letters using the backstitch.

4. Simple (but elegant) sequins

When it comes to Christmas card ideas DIY-style, this handmade Christmas card in particular showcases a rather simple yet modern and elegant take on a traditional Christmas tree, but with no evergreen in sight.

To make, just fold a piece of cardstock into your handmade Christmas card. Attach one end of embroidery floss with the front inside of your card. Run the floss through the inside of the card to the outside front, but make sure to do this from the base of the card. Loop the string to create a tree shape, gluing your bespoke tree down at the end of each handmade “branch”.

Now that you have all your branches, attach those lovely sequins at the tip of each branch and add your favourite seasonal greeting.

5. Happy “Howlidays”

Here’s one that the young ones are sure to enjoy immensely and one of our favourite Christmas card ideas DIY style: stickers!

This handmade Christmas card idea is almost too easy to make – start by planning the design of the card based on the sticker size, so you’ll need to mark where you’ll be placing the letters and stickers. Now place your stickers on the card’s front. Next, glue a piece of contrasting scrapbook paper to the card’s back and your handmade Australian Christmas card is good to go!

Sticker ideas may include anything from “Happy Howlidays” to “Merry Moew”!

So the next time you wonder: “How to make a Christmas card”, you’ll have a handful of Australian Christmas cards ideas to borrow from right here.