Christmas Gifts in Australia - 5 traditional presents - Artisan Ornaments

Christmas Gifts in Australia - 5 traditional presents - Artisan Ornaments

17th Sep 2020

When we talk about Christmas and the festivities that revolve around it, one thing is for sure: you’ll probably have a long list of gifts to buy for your loved ones.

From your immediate family, extended family and friends to colleagues, business partners and associates, Christmas shopping can often be a burdensome task. But it doesn’t have to be and, frankly speaking, we can all do without spending countless hours finding a good parking spot, browsing around different shops and then carrying a tonne of gifts back home – just hoping people will like them!

Traditional Christmas gifts in Australia are something that are always fun, unique and special. But most important of all, they are jam-packed with love and thoughtfulness.

So sit back, relax and take a read as we talk about five ideas for traditional Christmas gifts in Australia to help you come up with something unique and special this year.

Traditional Gifts in Australia that people love giving and receiving

If you’re all out of traditional Aussie gift ideas, then fret not! We’ve got more than a handful of suggestions for everyone on your list so that you don’t have to wander around aimlessly at department stores and gift shops which are often overcrowded this time of year:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

Here’s a fun fact: nearly every mum is a festive season saviour – after all, she’s the go-to person for preparing that mouth-watering turkey, soul-pleasing stuffing and family-size pavlova, all before lunchtime on the festive day.

Our mums deserve something special, don’t they? Let’s think along the lines of a lovely silk scarf to match her favourite Christmas day outfit, perhaps a personalised cake tin for her world-famous Christmas pudding, or a cute necklace engraved just for her. From fun and festive to thoughtful and elegant, there are lots of Christmas gifts for mum which you can check out now.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Now that we have a fair idea about what to get for mum, let’s shift our focus to dad – P.S: let’s not go with the same boring briefs or sports socks this year!

Personalised tool kits and shaving supplies bag, a rad dad tee or gifts made from real leather all make for great gifts. A shower beer holder perhaps or anything from novelty gifts to electronics that he loves using, all make for superb gift ideas.

While books tend to work well, some dads are just not too fond of reading but they are sure not to turn down a fine collection of beers, whiskies or wines!

Christmas Gift Ideas for kids

Ah, kids – they’re getting harder to please each year! Finding the right Christmas gift for your kids or your neighbours kids can be tough, especially since most parents are somewhat out of touch with the latest toys and gadgets that today’s kids love using.

While cuddly toys and interactive kits are certainly an excellent choice, kids love things where they can build stuff and call it their own. Lego is always an instant hit as are model cars and planes which require building from scratch – just be careful when it comes to buying gifts for really young boys and girls, due to the small parts and adhesives which often come with certain gifts.

Girls, however, can be extra picky when it comes to gifts – with that said, a gift box is usually a safe bet, as are cosmetics and other ‘girl accessories’.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Buying our male friends and relatives gifts for Christmas can be a challenging proposition at times. However, there are many gifts you can buy for them under $100 – like sci-fi show/movie memorabilia, camping supplies, an elegant cologne – or if you don’t mind overdoing it a little, even drone toys!

For men, anything that looks cool or smells nice is almost always an instant hit.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

How do we dazzle the ladies this year? Women love jewellery, perfume and kitchenware. If you know what style they prefer, then you’ve already done half your homework!

Hopefully, these ideas on traditional Christmas gifts in Australia will help set the tone for your Christmas shopping list this year.

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