Where should I hang my Christmas stockings?

Where should I hang my Christmas stockings?

13th Aug 2020

A quick Google search with a search phrase like “where to hang Christmas stockings”, and you’ll probably come across tons of tutorials and how-tos which explain just that.

However, not every home has a mantel to hang Christmas stockings and this is where you can come up with creative ideas. Besides – good ol’ Santa doesn’t care if your Christmas stockings are hanging on the mantel or elsewhere. In fact, some Santas even get amused at the idea of Christmas stockings hanging from unconventional places. So why not give the guy something to get amused about this year, eh?

Where to Hang Christmas Stockings? Here’s Where!

Believe it or not, there’s no need to have a fancy mantel to create a lovely Christmas stocking display for Santa to admire. You might actually find it surprising to know how many interesting places there are in your home to put up those adorable stockings for the Holiday season.


Bookcase shelves happen to be great spots for hanging your Christmas stockings. It’s actually a standard choice for many families whose Christmas tree room features a freestanding or integrated bookcase or any type of shelving unit. So you too can take advantage of it today!


Speaking of bookcases, they aren’t the only shelving option when we talk about where to hang Christmas stockings. A simple floating shelf or a wall of shelving is often a common place to see Christmas stockings hanging.

However, it’s understandable that your room may not have any kind of shelving but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a temporary floating shelf on the wall right next to that lovely Christmas tree. You can always liven up the shelf with some Christmas lights, garland and ornaments to make for a really inviting display.

If space allows, you could even place a bench below the shelf and brighten it up with Christmas pillows.

Garland (as a hanging spot)

What if you don’t have shelves or bookcases around the house? No worries, you can hang your Christmas stockings from a garland using ornament hooks. In fact, there are several options to secure a pine garland:

Wall – Drape your garland across a wall in a festoon style, that is, hang it from two or more points.

Fireplace – Some fireplaces don’t have a mantel, in which case, you can secure and drape your garland over the firebox, but do make sure it’s high enough to keep your stockings from accidentally catching fire.

Console table – You can also hang your garland above a console table but make sure that it is hung up at picture height so that the stockings can be easily suspended from it. This can actually create an attractive vignette next to your Christmas tree.

Door frame – Beautify one of your door frames with a cute garland and then hang down stockings along both sides.

Clothes Line

This one is quite unorthodox, we know, but it’s also a smart and creative way of hanging up your Christmas stockings. All you need to do is find some rope and string or fishing wire, and string it across the living room. Hang your stockings using clothing pins.

If you think about it, it’s a really neat, straightforward and practical idea that’s going to look downright adorable and might even catch visitors off-guard!

Stairway Railing or Banister

You don’t need a fireplace just to hang up your stockings at a good vantage point for Santa to easily see. A beautiful staircase works as a great alternative, and in fact, can work to a fantastic effect if you bathe it in a beautiful garland.

Hang your stockings along the banister or staircase railing and you’re all set. Many families who don’t have mantels are already taking advantage of their staircases in creative ways.


We believe dressers are one of the most perfect spots for hanging stockings because they typically have prominent knobs on the drawers which double up as hooks. If you have a dresser or any piece of furniture with knobs that’s sitting around the living room or hallway, we say take advantage of it.

In Closing

See? When we talk about where to hang Christmas stockings, there are a number of creative ways you can go about doing it if there’s no mantel.