Christmas Games - 6 Ideas for Kids and Adults - Artisan Ornaments

Christmas Games - 6 Ideas for Kids and Adults - Artisan Ornaments

10th May 2021

Without a doubt, one of people’s favourite things to do during Christmas is attending all the exciting Christmas parties that adults and kids alike love so much.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Christmas games for both kids and adults.

The Best Christmas Games for Kids

Fun Christmas games for kids can include a variety of activities – from memory games to playing dress up, and much more.

Candy Canes or Holiday Spoons

Grab a deck of cards and at least 3 people or more. Have them sit or stand in a circle around a pile of candy canes – the total should be one less than the total number of players. Everyone starts pulling cards, waiting for their turn to come. The goal is to get four of a kind – e.g. four of Queens or Kings. The first one to get all four takes a candy cane without announcing that he/she got all four right. Grab a candy cane stealthily and the moment you do, everyone else rushes to grab a hold of the other candy canes.

The person who didn’t get a candy can has to go – sorry! Keep repeating until the winner is left standing, or sitting!

Christmas Charades

An old classic when it comes to Christmas games for kids and to this day, hasn’t shown any signs of fading out!

You’ll need to print out a list of Christmas terms which everyone is going to act out. Make teams and get one person from each team to act out the terms.

Just like regular charades, none of the actors can spell out, speak to explain what it is, or make any kind of gestures to indicate letters and/or alphabets. Whenever a team gets it right within the allotted time, they score a point. The team to get the allotted number of points first bags the win!

Guessing game in a stocking

Find a host for this one as you’ll need a dedicated person to stuff random items into the stocking. Once it’s filled to the brim, tie a cute ribbon around the top so that no one can see the contents. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around the stocking to give each participant a good feel for what’s inside. Hand out note cards to let everyone guess what’s inside and write it down.

The one with the most number of accurate guesses wins!

The Best Christmas Games for Adults

When the little ones are off to bed, it’s time to play interesting Christmas games of your own! With the Christmas party game ideas below, you’re sure to have fun with all the other grownups.

Holiday storytelling

Ask everyone to stand in a circle. Any random person can begin and tell a fictitious holiday story using one sentence only. The next person in the circle must repeat what the previous person said, while adding a sentence of their own. And so on. The more people take turns, the more the story piles up.

If the next person in turn forgets any detail while recalling the full story, they’re out! The story continues to build until only one person can remember all the details, and repeat it while adding their own. The last one left to remember every detail wins.

Name the carol

Print out a list of famous Christmas song lyrics and titles (separately). Distribute the list of lyrics only to each team or single player, if you don’t have enough people to form teams. Then have each person or team guess the song title based on the lyrics alone.

The one to guess the most correct answers wins the game! You could also play the carol out aloud instead of printing out the lyrics, to make things more exciting.

Gift wrap-up

You’ll need teams for this one. In each pair, tie one person’s left hand to their teammate’s right hand. Each duo will then try to wrap a gift using their free hand only. Show everyone an example wrapped gift for everyone to try and duplicate.

Set a time limit of maybe 2-3 minutes and the one with the most accurate gift wrap wins.

Christmas can be so much more fun with these Christmas party games. So go ahead and break a leg!